RAM London Committee seminar
What’s next for the UK art market?


Intelligence Applied: 
What’s next for the UK art market?

The London Committee was pleased to host its autumn seminar on 23 September 2023 on “Intelligence Applied: What’s next for the UK art market”.

Innovative and adaptive:  Qualities the UK art market has demonstrated to stay competitive in 2023. What can we learn from developments in recent months to shape the UK art market of tomorrow ? From Artificial Intelligence, to AML interventions and keeping artwork on the move.  Just some of the “hot topics” our expert speakers unpacked in this fast-paced seminar with 100% human intelligence applied !

The full program is available for download here.



Mathilde Heaton

Eric Drass

Anders Petterson

Sarah Allen

Alan Baker

Andy Ellis

Paul Hewitt

Claire Hallinan

Anthea Peers

Rakhi Talwar

Tracey Griffiths

Alan Patrick

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